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As the economic crisis deepens for the Emaus group so this amazing Costa Blanca community’s efforts double to help avoid a human catastrophe and protect the children and people who rely on this group for their very existence and safety. One phone call from the financial director of that amazing investment company “Continental Wealth Management”, Mr Alan Gorringe organised a swift transfer of €2000 that sent our warriors out food shopping today for twenty four of our special friends and ten children in Relleu plus on an additional major food shop for seven little ones in the Alfaz del Pi children’s home. After spending a whopping €1,306.62 in Makro, Mr Gorringe asked me to invest the remaining €693.38 in our self sufficiency project,helping young people to support themselves. Our lovely “Land Girls” and warriors spent their Thursday weeding our tomato plants and harvesting our veggie crops ready for market. We are now producing half of the veggies that the two Relleu homes need and our happy chickens are now supplying more than enough fresh eggs for both houses. Over the last two weeks our veggies box sales have raised an amazing €342.30. Self sufficiency,works for them and works for us.

P.s. We also had a little visit in Relleu today from that lovely couple Bob& Noelle from Bay Radio, what a lovely surprise.

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