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Jody and Bikers visit to farm

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A Perfect Day In Paradise

Thursday is definitely becoming one of my favourite days of the week. After a quick top-up shop at Makro and a even faster run around the Cooperativa in Villajoyosa for 250k of chicken food and 10 sacks of fertiliser, we were on our way to spend a fantastic day with some amazing folk up at the self sufficiency project in Relleu. While our Warrior “Land Girls” spent the day planting new crops and harvesting the existing crops ready to be sold, our Warrior lads were cutting down bamboo canes for this year’s tomatoes and laying new watering systems. The two awesome surprises of the day were a visit from our lovey princess Warrior Jody from that amazing charity “Grant A Wish” loaded down with goodies for the children, then a major roar of six Harley Davidson motorbikes pulling into the drive from the Costa Blanca España Club.

Our biker friends, who last month donated a whopping €3,300 to the self sufficiency project enjoyed a guided tour of the farm and met some of the youngsters their money is directly helping to support. To top the day, if at all possible, I had am unbelievable phone conversation with the managing director of finance of Continental Wealth Management, who in appreciation of all the physical hard work that our local volunteer stars have put into this special self sufficiency program and in support of our twenty four special youngsters, they would be happy to financially help support the farm program from April to the tune of…wait for it! A major investment of €1000 per month.

People make things happen and you guys are definitely making this happen… A heart felt thank you to everyone.

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