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Survivor Race Part 2

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Over the last seven years I’ve been extremely proud to be part of a fantastic team of amazing folk nicknamed the “Make a Smile Warriors”. The Warriors, guided by the children’s Carers and supported by the kindness and generosity of our local community working together, help, support and even change the lives of children and young people in Care on the Costa Blanca. Yesterday, that pride (mixed with a large element of apprehension) swelled to a new level when four of our super star Jr. Warriors Mackenzie, Jordan, Sarah & Sophie took on part 2 of a three part “Survivor Race” challenge. Chris one of our proud Dads said about the race “there’s no children’s menu in this race!” Monies raised by the outstanding efforts of these young fearless “Make a Smile” Warriors, over the first two challenges, has been an Awesome €3,350 through friends, family and a massive sponsorship of €2000 from investment company Continental Wealth Management. Lovely spokes lady Jody commented “We at CWM believe in what these young people are doing and are delighted to invest in their outstanding efforts to help children in care”. The last leg of their awesome “three part challenge” will be held in the first few months of next year! As always we’ll keep you posted.

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