The Importance of Education for Children in Care

Finding a job after leaving school is always difficult but for children in care homes finding a job is especially challenging.

Most children look forward to their 18th birthday but for these kids, turning 18 means they are on their own in the world. The law states that at 18 you become an adult and therefore not able to stay (in some cases) in the only home you have ever known.

At Make A Smile we use many of the funds we raise to prepare the children for their new life, without familial support, by paying for courses and apprenticeships, funds for travel and supplies of educational equipment.

Whatever we can do whilst they are in the homes makes their lives easier afterwards and hopefully help them to become productive and fulfilled members of our community with equal opportunities.

Success After the Homes

This young lady has kindly given us permission to publish her photos.

Kassandra entered the home as a young teenager after loosing her mum, she was removed from a difficult family situation.

She came to work at The Bed Centre and later at The Laude Lady Elizabeth school to help her learn English.

After leaving the home at 18, she met a young man and in 2016 we had the honour of giving her away at her wedding.

The donations we received paid for her wedding dress etc. and amongst the items donated to the recycle project was some broken gold jewellery which we melted down and made the wedding rings.

She and her husband are now living in England and both have good jobs and a bright future.