Early in 2012, the Make A Smile team were asked if they could help with some unsafe trees at the mentally challenged unit in Relleu. The unit had 10 hectares of land which had fallen into disuse after the financial crisis. The team decided to take the farm equipment out of mothballs and prepare the land for planting. The project provided occupational therapy for the 24 mentally challenged youngsters in residence and was an education to all who volunteered every Thursday. The farm produced 500 eggs a week from 160 chickens that had been sponsored by the public. It grew olive trees and once the olives were harvested, they were turned into olive oil that the homes used and the surplus was sold. The project also grew and provided vegetables to the homes and sold farm fresh veggie boxes and eggs to the general public. 

The most popular events at the farm were the open days where for €10 groups including various U3A, Francophile club and CB Harley club were provided with a meal of salads, home made bread and paella which was all made using produce from the farm.

The Farm

Olive Picking

Fresh Produce

Group Visits